What is Mountainboarding?

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Mountainboarding is also referred to as all terrain boarding, off road boarding, land-boarding or even dirt boarding. It is a fast paced board sport. Mountainboards are built in such a way that they can be used across most of the terrains.

Mountain boarding originated from related disciplines. It all began with several alternative closely related sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. These sports in turn came from natives in Polynesia riding waves by lying down or standing on long hardwood boards.

From surfing then came skateboarding. This transition meant boards now had wheels and were ridden on the streets instead of waves. The first commercial product, the Roller Derby Skate board hit stores in 1959 and it is estimated 50 million boards were sold by 1965. The skateboard in the 70s evolved to be better adapted to the terrain. Of particular importance is the introduction of polyutherane wheels by Frank Nasworthy in 1973. The wheels permitted better riding. More importantly boards acquired kicktails, bigger trucks and increased board-widths.


Therefore it is evident that mountainboarding borrowed heavily from its close relations of particular importance it evolved out of the determination of determined boarders to find a way of snowboarding without snow.

The first company to sell what is now known as a modern-day mountainboard is Morton Hellig’s ‘Supercruiser Inc.’ in 1989. But the term mountainboard was first used in 1992 by Jason Lee one of the founders on MBS or MountainBoardSports one of the most pivotal brands of the sport. The first mountainboards were rustic heavy skateboards with foot bindings. Mountainboards have evolved heavily since their inspection and now mountainboards can come with lightweight composite carbon decks, brakes, shocks and more.
mbs_core_95 mountainboard
There are a few different styles of riding mountain boards: downhill, boarder cross, freestyle, and freeriding .

Downhill riding is a fast race style riding down a hill or a mountain side. The key here is accuracy and speed which is a determinant factor of who wins. Riders negotiate long courses with each participant vying for the best time.

Boarder X (Boarder Cross) is a fast pace terrain style race that is characterized by sharp turns, jumps and obstacles. Here four riders jostle for position as they maneuver through banked turns and fly over jumps and drops. It is illegal to knock over other racers.

Freestyle is all about style and technical moves. This is similar to what we see in snowboarding and other related sports. The rider aims at gaining the maximum points by going full throttle and pulling off technical maneuvers without any error.