The History of Longboarding

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Posted June 15, 2013 by in Articles

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Longboarding has been around for sometime now, but within the recent years it has grown overwhelmingly in popularity. The birth of longboarding is kind of a tricky subject. Many will tell you skateboarding came before longboarding and longboarding simply just appeared in the 90’s. This may be so, However many of the first boards appear to have more in common with longboards than they do modern day skateboard. The reality seems that longboarding and skateboarding where one in the same until the 80’s when people truly started performing tricks and boards started to split into different categories depending on their style and capabilities.

Skateboarding or longboarding itself first started in the 1950’s in Hawaii when surfers decided to attach planks of wood to roller-skate wheels to cross train while surfing was not possible due to weather condition or simply poor surf. Not long after this new fad was brought to the attention of a few toy companies and toy stores where filled with cheaply made skateboards.
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Because these board were so cheaply made many accidents started occurring and longboarding soon took on a bad reputation as a rebellious and dangerous sport. In 1965 the sport took a drastic fall in popularity due to its bad reputation. But 10 years later the urethane skateboard wheel came out and a massive resurgence in popularity occurred and skateboarding was back. Soon after skateboard companies started also producing specially designed trucks to better suit the longboards. So the boards became safer and the modern day skateboarding was born.

Today skateboarding and longboarding are at an all time high in popularity. These sports are commonly seen as a great method of transportation as well as exercise. There are now a large amount of companies that specialize in selling longboards and longboard accessories. Longboards now also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that are styles of different types of riding. Now longboarding is not simply a hobby, but a serous sport with large televised competitions such as the X-Games.

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