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Sector 9 Skateboards Puerto Rico Longboard

Sector 9 Puerto Rico Longboard Review

The Sector 9 Puerto Rico Longboard is a nice mellow board perfect for cruising around. The deck is made of 5-ply laminated bamboo, the setup comes with Gullwing sidewinder trucks and a 0.5 riser. This board is a very smooth rid...

Arbor Fleetwood Maple Longboard

Arbor Fleetwood Maple Longboard Review

Arbor’s Fleetwood Maple Longboard provides an awesome ride that is easy to ride at almost any speed. The classic surf aesthetics look and feel mixed with modern – day components give a predictable, versatile ride to...

Arbor Bug Koa Longboard

Arbor Bug Koa Longboard Review

Think of the Arbor Bug Koa Longboard as your normal standard board with that extra dose of POWER. Sort of like a super charged longboard, you understand? The board features double kicktails which gives you more maneuverability ...