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MBS Pro 95 Mountainboard - Retaliation

MBS Pro 95 Retaliation Mountainboard Review

The MBS Pro 95 Retaliation mountainboard is a true quality board. The deck is extremely durable and comes with scratch proof graphics made with a PBT base layer. The setup comes with MBS MATRIX PRO trucks and F4 bindings. Defin...

MBS PRO 100 Leon Robbins Mountainboard

MBS PRO 100 Leon Robbins Mountainboard Review

The MBS PRO 100 Leon Robbins mountainboard is a virtually indestructible board made for the serous mountainboarder. The deck is very stiff allowing the rider to pop on takeoff very easily. The setup comes with Matrix Lite Chann...

MBS PRO 90 Kiteboard

MBS PRO 90 Kiteboard Review

Are you looking for one of the best kiteboards money can buy? Then check out the MBS PRO 90 Kiteboard. The board comes with Matrix lite trucks, T3 Tires, and a super light deck yet durable deck. This board was made with the kit...