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ScooterX 49cc Gas Skateboard

ScooterX 49cc Gas Skateboard Review

The ScooterX 49cc Gas Skateboard also known as the SkaterX Gas Skateboard is the most extreme gas powered skateboard on the market today. It comes with a 49cc Gas Engine that can go up to 33mph. This board is extremely durable ...

Freerider Skatecycle

Freerider Skatecycle Review

Brooklyn Workshop, Inc. has created one of the most unique skateboards of all times. The winner of various prestigious awards such as the Bronze 2010 IDEA Award the Freerider Skatecycle is an amazing and versatile electric powe...

Atom Electric Longboard

Atom Electric Longboard Review

The Atom Electric longboard is a unique eclectic powered longboard. The board is controlled with a wireless remote that allows you to maneuver and brake the board as you like. This board can go up or downhill without any proble...