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Santa Cruz Mahaka Blue Cruiser Longboard

Santa Cruz Mahaka Blue Cruiser Longboard

I’ve been skating for around 10 years now but was never a longboarder. The Santa Cruz Mahaka Blue Cruiser longboard was my first longboard and has been great to me ever since I purchased it. I did a lot of research on this bo...

Kryptonics 28in Cruiser Longboard

Kryptonics Cruiser Longboard Review

Kryptonics Cruiser Longboard to be honest is a piece of crap. The deck itself is okay but the component are horrible. I changed the bearings right away because they are literally the slowest bearings I’ve ever seen. I bought ...

Atom Cruiser Longboard

Atom Cruiser Longboard Review

Developed and inspired by exceptional downhill bombing and carving while still being able to function as a curser you can use on your daily commute. The Atom Cruiser Longboard is 39 inches with wide trucks to allow for exceptio...