ScooterX 49cc Gas Skateboard Review

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Posted March 22, 2013 by in Electric and Gas powered Skateboard Reviews

ScooterX 49cc Gas Skateboard

The ScooterX 49cc Gas Skateboard also known as the SkaterX Gas Skateboard is the most extreme gas powered skateboard on the market today. It comes with a 49cc Gas Engine that can go up to 33mph. This board is extremely durable with a reinforced frame and thick wood deck, so it can take a beating.

This board is a lot of fun to ride, I’ve never ridden anything like it in my life before. I recommend it for those truly looking for an extreme ride and that like a rush. Try this board out you wouldn’t be disappointed.


Skateboard Specification

  • fiberglass Suspension Deck The deck is made of fiberglass which makes it flexible and works as suspension for the skater.
  • 49cc Gas Engine This is one of the most powerfull 49cc scooter motors on the market currently.
  • Top speed 25 mph 33mph with upgrades! X-pipe and HP Filter. We recommend this for professionals only!
  • Centrifugal Clutch This is an Automatic clutch
  • 9 x 3.5 inch Sport Tires These tires are meant for on and off road use. They are dual sport tires.
  • Rear drum brake The SkaterX is the only model we sell that uses a drum brake. The disc brake stops to suddenly for the SkaterX and make the rider unstable. The drum makes a nice gradual stop.
  • Trigger Throttle *This is a trigger you pull in, to accelerate. Much easier than a twist throttle for this type of application.