Punked Drop Through Complete Longboard Review

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Posted January 27, 2013 by in Longboard Reviews

Drop Through Complete Longboard Professional Speed Skateboard

If your looking for an inexpensive or cheap board the Punked Drop Through Complete Longboard would be a good choice. The decks is a drop through design making it ideal for going down hill. The deck is very sturdy and can take a lot of abuse as its made out of 9 ply of Canadian maple.

Because of the price this is a good board to start out with if you’re a beginner and want a cheap board, but if you have a little more money I would suggest you buy a better board.

One suggest if you do purchase this board is to replace the bearings because they are terrible. Get yourself some Bones Red bearings and you’ll have a much better riding experience.


Longboard Specification

  • Size: 40″ x 10″
  • Concave Drop Through 9 ply Canadian maple
  • Q-Ball 70x52mm Wheels, 78A Hardness
  • 9.675″ HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks, 180mm Hanger, Aluminum Alloy