Original Apex 40 Longboard Review

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Posted January 9, 2013 by in Longboard Reviews

Original Apex 40 DK Diamond Drop Middleweight Forged Carbon Freeride Bear Trucks Longboard Deck Complete

The Original Apex 40 longboard to be honest is amazing. I’ve been able to reach around 40 mph on this board and the stability is amazing. I’ve never felt speed wobbles or felt like I was slipping. This board is also incredibly durable, unlike my old longboard which only lasted a few month. The deck has fiberglass and carbon reinforcement so as you’ll see on this video below I’ve posted it can pretty much withstand anything.

The deck has a drop-deck design and is considered a micro drop deck because of its size. This is a killer board for freestlye riding and is an all around high performance board. The stock hardware on this board is also great I have no issues with any of it. The concave locks your feet in really well and allows you to carve like crazy.

This board is highly recommended for anyone looking for the perfect freestlye board. Yes this board is a little more expensive than some cheap alternatives but its well worth the money and wouldn’t break like the other longboards.


Longboard Specification

  • Brand New, Original Longboard Deck 9.75″ x 40.75″
  • Bear Longboard Trucks (Color May Vary)
  • Kryptonics Route 70 Wheels 70mm 78a (Color May Vary)
  • Factory Original Bearings
  • Factory Original Hardware & Die Cut Grip Tape