Orangatang Stimulus Longboard Wheels Review

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Posted October 13, 2013 by in Longboard Wheel Reviews

Orangatang Stimulus Longboard  Wheels

Orangatang Stimulus Longboard Wheels are a good pair of hard wheels that stick to the pavement and are great for carving up the street and cruising them. I’ve gone through a ton of different longboarding wheels in my time and have had a lot of good cruising wheels, but a good controlled sliding wheel is harder to find. With the Orangatang Stimulus wheels I think I have found just that, a good sliding wheel that allows the rider to have control.

In general these are really good wheels for what ever your need maybe. These Orangatang wheels are definitely some quality wheels. I bought mine off Amazon because they were a lot cheaper than in my local skate shop. These wheels are surly a great buy for any longboarder. Highly recommend!!!


Longboard Wheels Specification

  • Designed for freeriding: grippy with consistant slide characteristics
  • 70mm tall with a 42mm contact patch
  • 70mm is the perfect all around size for quick acceleration and enhanced control
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Color indicates durometer- orange= buttery, purple= slidey, yellow= super slidey