Moose Black Pintail Longboard Review

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Posted January 8, 2013 by in Longboard Reviews

Moose Black Pintail Longboard Complete

When I first saw the price of this board online I was amazed I had never seen a board for so cheap. Being that the board was so inexpensive I bought it not expecting much, but let me tell you I was surprised by just how nice the board was.

I like everything about this board, except for the bearings. I highly recommend that if you purchase this board you upgrade the bearings with Bone reds or some other higher quality bearings. Even with spending $15 extra on the board you’ll still be spending less than any other longboard on the market.

I ride this board everywhere and take it down hill often. Even at the high speeds I’ve been able to ride it (thanks to the new bearings) I’ve yet to feel any speed wobbles. The deck is also a nicely designed traditional pintail so you wouldn’t get any wheel bite when making sharp turns.

I personally suggest this board to anyone looking for a truly inexpensive yet quality board.


Longboard Specification

    Size: 9″ x 43″
    Type: Pintail
    Graphic: Blank
    Construction Canadian Maple
    Trucks: 6.0 Core
    Blank Wheels: 70mm
    Grip Tape: Black