Moose Black Kicktail Longboard Complete Review

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Posted February 8, 2013 by in Moose

Moose Black Kicktail Longboard Complete

I first purchased the Moose Black Kicktail longboard because of just how cheap it was and I wanted to get a longboard with a kicktail. This board is probably the most inexpensive board that I could find so I was please when I received a pretty good board.

First and foremost if you buy this your going to have to replace the bearings because the stock bearings are straight garbage. I personally suggest getting Bones Red bearings which cost like $15 and are excellent. Also you might want to replace the wheels at some point.

After these modifications you will really have a quality longboard that is awesome for cruising and going down hill. And even after getting some new bearings this board is still much more inexpensive than any other comparable board.

I recommend this board to anyone that wants to spend hardly anything on a longboard and still get a good board.