Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings Review

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Posted September 15, 2013 by in Skate Bearing Reveiws

Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings

Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings are high quality bearings at an extremely affordable price, made in the United States of America. They also come with a nice warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Some people say these bearings are made by the same factory that makes the famous highly popular Bones bearings. I don’t know if they are but what I can say is that I was very surprised by just how nice these bearings roll. The only reason I bought these bearings was because they were the only ones left at my skate shop and at the time I was really badly in need of some bearings. I personally would of never bought them because there low price would lead me to believe that they are cheap, ineffective, and break easily.

Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be buying them again for my next board. If you haven’t tried out these bearings before I highly recommend you check them out. They are definitely one of the better bearings I’ve ever tested on my skateboard.


Skate Bearing Specifications

  • High Quality
  • Designed by skaters
  • New Packaging
  • All Mini-Logo products come with a warranty