Kryptonics Cruiser Longboard Review

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Posted January 25, 2013 by in Kryptonics

Kryptonics 28in Cruiser LongboardKryptonics Cruiser Longboard to be honest is a piece of crap. The deck itself is okay but the component are horrible. I changed the bearings right away because they are literally the slowest bearings I’ve ever seen. I bought some Bones red bearings and they improved the boards performance drastically.

As far as the boards size it is a little on the small side, I really wouldn’t even call it a longboard to be honest. But having said this it does make it easy to carry around.

This board might be okay if your buying it for a little kid who is interested in longboarding but the truth is for the price you can find a hundred other boards out there that are much better.



Board Specification

  • Size: 28″ X 7.5″
  • Deck: 9 ply Maple, Cruiser style-little concave with single kicktail
  • Trucks: Kryptonics heavy duty with 12mm risers
  • Wheels: 61 X 37mm PU injected
  • Bearings: ABEC 5 speed bearings