Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Longboard Review

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Posted January 6, 2013 by in Krown

Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite

The Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite longboard is made out of 8 ply of sturdy maple wood in a drop through design. This board is great for dropping down hill at fast speeds. The design helps keep your center of gravity and gives you a smooth ride even when bombing down steep hills.

I’ve had this board and am very found of it. The board is especially great for the cheap price! The trucks that it come with are also pretty good. I’ve had a few other longboards and the stock trucks they usually comes with suck, but these are actually surprisingly good. My one complaint on this board are the wheels, I would personally upgrade them for some better wheels. But even with buying some new wheels this board is still a hell of a lot cheaper than most other boards out there. Another thing I did was replace the bearings, you may want to do this depending on your tastes, I personally put Bones red bearings on all my boards. Its only $15 more.

I highly recommend this board for anyone looking for a good cheap board or just generally anyone new looking to get into longboarding.