Kahuna Creations Haka Moko Complete Longboard Review

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Posted January 10, 2013 by in Kahuna Creations

Kahuna Creations Haka Moko Complete LongboardThe Kahuna Creations Haka Moko complete longboard was my first board I ever owned. I recived it as a present for my bar mitzvah and ever since that day I fell in love with longboarding. I now have around 7 longboards but none of them could compare to the Kahuna Creations Haka Moko.

The board is perfect for cruising and is an extremely smooth ride, it goes over pot holes without any issue. I take it out weekly and ride the board walk in my home town and it is a lot of fun. The grip that is used with this board which is sand works great, its probably the best grip of any board I’ve got. I wish they sold clear grip with the sand so I could put it on my other boards.

This is a great board for anyone looking for a good cruising and dancing longboard.


Longboard Specification

  • Volcanic sand grip
  • 8-ply Wisconsin maple
  • Flat with wheel wells
  • Kahuna Creations 70 Longboard Wheels with ABEC 7 bearings
  • Pair of Buck 180 Trucks