Gold coast Dart Complete Longboard Review

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Posted January 16, 2013 by in Gold Coast

Goldcoast Complete Longboard Dart SkateboardThe Gold coast Dart Longboard is a cool traditional longboard in classic surfer motif. The board has some really nice hand drawn art and is 44”. The decks has a useful kicktail that can help you steer around obstacles or do some neat tricks.

I really dig this longboard, it has the feel of a really big skateboard rather than a cumbersome longboard. I can do pretty much all the tricks I do on my regular skateboard on this board. I might even ollie higher on this one.

This board is also awesome going fast down hill. I hardly ever feel any speed wobbles and it rides very smooth. I really like this board, and would recommend it to anyone that wants a longboard but wants to be able to do tricks and ride like a regular board.


Board Specification

  • the Dart Board
  • 10” x 44”
  • Wheel Base with Kicktail
  • 7ply Canadian Maple. Century 7? Trucks
  • 70mm 83a Shred Boot Wheels. Printed Grip Tape