Freerider Skatecycle Review

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Posted March 3, 2013 by in Electric and Gas powered Skateboard Reviews

Freerider Skatecycle

Brooklyn Workshop, Inc. has created one of the most unique skateboards of all times. The winner of various prestigious awards such as the Bronze 2010 IDEA Award the Freerider Skatecycle is an amazing and versatile electric powered skateboard.

This board is not your typical overbearing hundred pound electric skateboard, this board can be use to carve up the streets or skate park. The board rides like a cross between a snake board and a skateboard. The setup weights around 7.3 lbs so its super light and comes with 9 inch wheels making it easy to go over cracks and rocks.

My personal experience with the Freerider Skatecycle is awesome! I really love this board, I take it everywhere I go and have never gotten so many complements about anything I’ve ever owned. The ride is very smooth and I can do all sorts of tricks I’d never imagine on a normal street skateboard. I highly recommend this board for anyone looking to try something new out and wants to step out of the ordinary skating routine.