Flip Abec-7 HKD Bearings Review

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Posted July 22, 2013 by in Skate Bearing Reveiws

Flip Abec-7 HKD Bearings

Flip Abec-7 HKD Bearings are a great inexpensive skateboard bearing. These are a great alternative to the Bone bearings(though if you have the money I‘d go with Bones every time).

I originally bought these bearings for my little cousin whose skateboard had some horrible stock low end abc’s. the bearings didn’t seem to have much lubrication when we took them out of the package. This could have been just an issue with the one’s I received. I lubricated them and installed them on my cousins skateboard and was amazed at how long they spun. They were a huge improvement over the stock bearings on my cousins board.

I would suggest the Flip Abec-7 HKD Bearings to anyone looking for a good cheap set of bearings. These are not as good as the expensive Bones bearings but if you don’t have the money these are a great buy for any skateboarder.