Bigfoot Longboard Wheels Review

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Posted June 18, 2013 by in Longboard Wheel Reviews

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels

The Bigfoot Longboard Wheels are a nice pair of inexpensive wheels. I’ve been longboarding for a while now so I’ve gone through a few different wheels and for the price I think the Bigfoot wheels are pretty decent.

I had some Orangatang wheels on my longboard before and they were more expensive compared to the Bigfoot’s and the Bigfoot’s were definitely better. They are really good for going down hill fast. I’m not that impressed with these wheels sliding ability compared to some other wheels I’ve had, but maybe I just need to break them in a little better because I’ve heard a few people say they are pretty good for sliding.

These wheels are really good for the price but if you have a little more cash on hand I’d recommend getting some other wheels. But if your short on money these are definitely a buy in my book. Cheers!