Bahne Tropical Tiki Traditional Longboard Review

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Posted January 2, 2013 by in Bahne

Bahne Tropical Tiki Traditional Longboard SkateboardThe Bahne Tropical Tiki Traditional Longboard is a 37-Inch Traditional board with a curved pintail and made up of seven ply of sturdy maple. This longboard is a great inexpensive yet quality ride. Bahne has been in the game of making longboards for sometime now(40 years of experience!!) so it is definitely a name you can trust.

This board is great for getting around the city or your university campus and to put it mildly it is an awesome board at an awesome price. I personally purchased it as present for my young brother and we both love riding this board.

I love the classic pintail design, which is ideal style for anyone cruising or riding down hill. With a lot of stock completes you’ll get a nice board but the trucks, bearing, or wheels will be bunk. that’s not the case with this complete deck it comes stocked pretty well with all those thing, so you wouldn’t have to buy or upgrade anything.

This board is suggested to anyone looking for a high quality board and a low price. Great for beginners or advanced riders.


Board Specification

  • 37-Inch Traditional Longboard
  • 7 Ply all hardwood maple deck rugged
  • Rugged 7-Inch aluminum trucks
  • Durable 70mm PU wheels
  • Precision ABEC 5 Bearings