Atom Kicktail Longboard Review

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Posted January 3, 2013 by in Atom

Atom Kicktail LongboardThe Atom Kicktail longboard is a remarkable board at a cheap price with great features such as a kick tail which makes it possible to preform all kinds of tricks on your longboard such as an ollie. This board is perfect for newbie’s to longboarding.

The kicktail makes it a great board for cruising by making the board more maneuverable, so you can get through crowds while commuting to your destination. While the length makes it a good board for going downhill. The gripe tape that comes with the board is okay, and the deck is nicely curved with a pleasant graphic design.

The trucks are okay but after awhile I would suggest upgrading them. I personally haven’t upgraded them and they still work fine but in the near future I do plan on ordering some. On the other hand the wheels that come with this board are excellent.

I am very pleased with this board, apart from the trucks being a little crapy. The Atom Kicktail longboard is an exceptional board that is very versatile in it’s usage. I now mainly ride this board and have let it replace both my traditional skateboard and my longboard.