Atom 90 MountainBoard Review

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Posted February 18, 2013 by in Atom

Atom 90 MountainBoard

The Atom 90 mountainboard is a great inexpensive and affordable board. The board comes with F1 bindings and eight inch tires. The board is very durable and can take a lot of abuse.

I use this board both for mountain boarding and kiteboarding. The stock hardware is good quality. Generally good board and a good price I highly recommend it.


MountainBoard Specification

  • 9.5-millimeter axle diameter
  • 36-inch deck length
  • Maple laminate deck
  • 20-degree deck tip angle
  • Orange Bushing suspension
  • Grab handle and brake compatible
  • F1 bindings
  • 41.4-inch overall length
  • PHT graphic material
  • Accepts 22-millimeter bearing
  • Tri-spoke hubs
  • 33.5-inch axle-to-axle length
  • ATS trucks made of die-cast aluminum hanger and base, and chromoly axle
  • 14.9-pound overall weight
  • 15.3-inch axle width
  • 4.3-pound deck weight
  • 0.375-inch by 50-millimeter chromoly king pin
  • 9.5 by 22 millimeter bearing
  • Knobby eight-inch tires
  • 8.6-inch deck width
  • 46 grit aluminum oxide grip tape