Arbor Pin Bamboo Complete Longboard Review

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Posted January 1, 2013 by in Arbor

Arbor Pin Bamboo Complete LongboardThe Arbor Pin Bamboo Longboard is really an excellent for any newbie wanting to buy their first longboard, the Pin’s has the traditional longboard style, is a tapered carver with an oversize wheel bottom and broad mid-section for heavy, open posture, lock-and-hold skating. I’ll tell you, after using this for awhile if you are simply getting into longboading, you’ll understand what sort of longboarder you want to be. To me this longboard was like a gateway drug into my now favorite hobby.

The top of the board is wonderful, the bamboo is really astatically pleasing. I love the large wheels which greatly improve the speed and stability of the ride. Wobbling while riding this board is uncommon, even down hill at high speeds. I would recommend this board to anyone just starting out with the sport. The Arbor Pin was my first board and I learned everything I know now with this board.


Board Specification

  • Length: 46.00
  • Width: 9.50″
  • Wheelbase: 32.25″