Arbor Fish Bamboo Longboard Review

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Posted January 10, 2013 by in Arbor

Arbor Fish Bamboo LongboardThe Arbor Fish Bamboo is designed with a rather lightweight construction especially when you compare it with other longboards weight, it has a streamlined pin shape deck, and lengthened wheelbase that allow you to pull off sharp curves no matter how fast your going.

This is a particularly Excellent carving board and as well as a great cruising board. So you’ll have no problem ridding this board on either a boardwalk or a hill. Carving downhill feels very natural while riding this longboard. The concave has a nice ‘locked-in’ feeling to it. I like the board also for Long – distance rides. The board is rather long so you can stand where ever you’d like on the board while pumping the board along the street.

The board has a little flex to it (I am 180 pounds), it usually sturdy as well as very stable while traveling a fast speeds. One positive about the Arbor Fish is the ability to kick the board up like a skateboard when you are commuting and are in a stop/go sort of scenario in the town. It is a wonderful all around longboard and while still being rather cheap. It’s great for newcomer in the long board sport. I having been longboarding for approximately one year as of now and can say without a doubt that this board is the best board I have tried out. This was the first board I ever bought and can honestly say it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.


Board Specification

  • Deck Material: maple, bamboo
  • Deck Length: 38 in
  • Deck Width: 8.75 in
  • Concave:
  • Wheelbase: 27.75 in
  • Wheel Type: Arbor
  • Wheel Size: 65 mm
  • Wheel Durometer: 78 a
  • Bearings: ABEC 5
  • Trucks: 9in Gullwing Charger
  • Recommended Use: cruising, carving
  • Manufacturer Warranty: