Arbor Blunt Bamboo Longboard Review

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Posted January 1, 2013 by in Arbor

Arbor Blunt Bamboo Longboard CompleteI was determined to try out longboarding as a brand new hobby as it appeared to be lots of fun while keeping me active outdoors. After convincing my closest friend to purchesse a board as well, we went out to go try out our new longboards. I’ll admit that I was drawn to Arbor boards not initially because of the specs but purly because of it’s attractive appearance. Out of all the Arbor longboards I choose the Arbor Blunt because it looked similar to another board I had when I was a kid.

It didn’t take long in any way to feel comfortable driving on the Dull, since I have experienced a board although it is been about 13 years.

After a little riding it didn’t take long to get accustomed to the feel of the board and after a little while longer I was addicted to ridding it. I soon found myself finding every excuse that I could to get myself outside on the streets and on my longboard.

The board fells solid, handles gravel and cracks properly. I was fond of the concave shape and the board’s tail was pleasant to have to help with turning.

All around it is the an extremely comfy board. It is extremely easy to use that even my dad who has never ridden a board in his life was able to learn how to ride with ease while using my board.

Honestly the complete comes with everything you need and unlike a lot of other complete long board decks you would have to replace any of the stock trucks, bearing or wheels.

The one thing that’s a pro and a con about this board is that it is just so dam beautiful. I honestly hate to get it dirty or scratch it up when I go outside.

After riding the board for some time now my only sorrow is that I didn’t buy it before.


Board Specification

  • Dimensions: 44″ L x 9.25″ W
  • Wheelbase: 23.75″
  • Arbor 70mm, 78a durometer Street Series wheels
  • 10″ Gullwing Charger trucks
  • ABEC 5 bearings