Arbor Axis Bamboo longboard Complete Review

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Posted January 1, 2013 by in Arbor

Arbor Axis Bamboo Skateboard Complete

This board is made with a blended wood and bamboo deck, it is a fall through cruiser longboard. The shape is snowboard inspired, the truck mounting gets you lower to the ground to power through turns and slides.

I would definitely recommend this longboard to anybody, it is a truly an enjoyable board that is very versatile. It has scarcely been a month and I am a beginner and am trying all sorts of tricks and this board makes it seem like I have been longboarding forever. My friends have had their boards exactly the same amount of time as my Arbor Axis Bamboo and my long board has lasted much long than their‘s, so its really durable too! I truly adore this board and will buy another when this one is done.

And my boards are really ABUSED by my riding. This is simply not an understatement. Great durability, Good stability as a result of drop-through type board, light and Nice, with a Mellow flex (that gives when needed). All my tricks were learned through riding this board. Great full disciplined board. Smooth riding, and great turning. It feels as though your riding a snowboard on the streets! The only thing I could say bad about the Arbor Axis Bamboo longboard is that its too pretty and I hate to mess it up when riding! After riding this board for some time I Absolutely recommend it.