About Different Types of Longboards

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Posted June 13, 2013 by in Articles

As a sport longboarding has been around for awhile, but recently within the last few year the sport has exploded in popularity. This article will clarify the different types of longboards currently available on the market and what there strengths and weaknesses are. Before purchasing a longboard its important to know what type of riding you plan on doing so you and purchases the longboard that matches your riding style.


Pintail Longboards

Pintail shaped longboards are essentially the classic longboard. They are attractive looking boards that are very popular the beginning riders. The pintail shape is made especially to prevent wheel bite and provide a large comfortable space for the rider to stand on. These boards are perfect for cruising around and going down small to moderately sized hills. One draw back to these longboards is that they don’t have kicktails those they can be harder to maneuver when going down steep and winding hills. The lack of a kicktail can also be an issue with some freestyle tricks or sliding.

Atom Pintail Longboard

Drop through Longboards

This design is a very stable ride. The longboard is built so that your feet are below the truck mount thus helping to more evenly distribute the riders weight across the board. These boards are also lower to the ground adding to the stability while making it easier to push the board forward. One disadvantage to drop through longboards are that they have less leverage when turning because the trucks are placed at a lower angle than most other boards.

Loaded Dervish Sama Flex 1 Complete Longboard Skateboard

Dropdeck Longboards


Dropdeck longboards are almost the same as the Drop through expect for the fact that the dropdeck is even lower to the ground than the drop through longboard. This makes the drop deck more stable at higher speeds. These boards are great for down hill slides.

SDS Skateboards Stella Lowrider Blockhead Longboard

Mini Longboards

These longboards are much shorter than the standard longboard. They range in length from 20” to 35”. these boards are great for cruising around but not that well suited for sliding down large hills. These longboards are perfect for weaving in and out of crowds, where the normal sized longboard may have problems doing so. A great board for college campuses and the big city.
Atom Mini Pin-Tail Longboard (29-Inch)

Kicktail Longboards


These longboards have the classic kicktail that street skateboards have. Kicktails allow you to do certain pop tricks such as ollies that are commonly done with street skateboards. Kicktails also make it easier to maneuver and weave in and out of obstacles. Kicktail boards are not a longboard type in it’s self, you can also find other styles of boards such as drop through decks with kicktails. These boards come in two different styles. An A-symmetrical that has a double kicktail on both sides and a non-symmetrical one which only has one kicktail.

Goldcoast Complete Longboard Dart Skateboard